👩🏽‍💻What’s a solopreneur?

Someone who starts and runs their business independently. Think of a youtuber who does all their own filming, writing, editing, etc. Essentially a one-person show without the support of a co-founder or W-2 employees.

In other words, a solopreneur is an entrepreneur who performs all duties related to their business alone.


🧐 Okay, then what’s an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur does not execute all the functions of a business rather they work with a team to complete all the duties related to the business. Think of your local coffee shop owners who maybe two friends running the business, and hire staff to cover multiple shifts.

👯‍♂️Why would you consider moving from being a solopreneur to entrepreneurship?

Some common reasons creators consider building a team are:

✈️ How can you determine if you’re ready to take the leap to hire and manage a team?

It’s hard to identify the right time to hire a team. You don’t want to pre-maturely hire employees who don’t have enough work to fill their role but you also don’t want to hold off to the point where you find it hard to meet your deliverables.

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